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The biscuit dough is alive.



The biscuits that you eat are made by baking wheat dough. You might be surprised when you hear that "the dough is alive!". Biscuit dough was mainly made of wheat and added various ingredients such as sugar and water. The recipe is, of course, the secret of GINBIS and cannot be shared with the public. It was developed based on our experiences and ingenuity cultivated over many years!
The well-kneaded fresh dough is as warm as a human earlobe. At the beginning of baking, it rises well. Later, it shrinks a little and then it holds its shape. After removing from the oven, the dough cools down and becomes firm. The condition of the biscuits continues to change until it is packaged. The people in the field all say "It's the same as living things."
The person in charge of the production line is the expert of biscuit making. Despite changes in temperature and humidity, they manage the interior and lines of the facility with master craftsmanship and bake biscuits in certain conditions. It needs years of experiences to be able to tell if it has delicious "GINBIS tastes" when he eats one bite of freshly baked biscuits. If you put your heart into making the dough, you can make tasty biscuits. As we really love making sweets; we are able to hear the voice of living dough.