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Within GINBIS' company philosophy, "Three 'I'"s (International, Independent, and instructive), "International" is very important for us. Japanese and Chinese products were distributed to 25 countries and regions around the world. Our customers are satisfied with the flavor, quality, and safety of our products. In order for us to globalize, we make our efforts to expand our marketing reach, increase the recognition of GINBIS, and promote brand awareness & images.

United States

New York City
Exhibited the largest food wholesale expo in the United States.
Los Angeles
Super-market in the city.


Exhibited at Shanghai Expo (Japan industry pavillion) in 2010
Ginbis booth
Japan Industry Pavillion
JAL Stage
A fantastic GINBIS show, hosted by GINBIS
Exhibited at the Shanghai International Sweets Show (SWEET CHINA)
Exhibited at Shanghai Global Food Trade Show (FHC)
Super-market in the city of Shanghai.


Super-market in Seoul

Hong Kong

Super-market in the city.


Exhibited at the International Products Show