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GINBIS Activities

GINBIS has been devoted to "baked confectionery" since its founding. In particular, we aim to be the best in Japan in the field of unglazed hard biscuits. In terms of "FUKAYAKI" technique, we cannot bake a good product unless we have a perfect balance of various elements, such as the condition of dough, temperature control, and baking time. By using the latest equipment, GINBIS achieved the craftsmanship that has been cultivated by old-fashioned craftsmen cultivated in our long history, and has improved the technique to bake perfectly. "Non Fried Snack," a product without deep-fry, was developed by using this "baking" technique, and became GINBIS's unique popular product.
In addition, GINBIS has worked on the development of the original products. Ahead of other companies in Japan, GINBIS became a pioneer to applies the "Chocolate soaking technology" which was used for "SHIMI-CHOCO CORN" The Koga Factory is equipped with the largest saturation plant in the world.
GINBIS Activities is not only the technology. With our philosophy, "We are dreaming of sweets!," we stick to shapes in order to make our customer enjoy eating our delicious product. The shapes of "ASPARAGUS BISCUITS," "TABEKKO DOUBUTSU" and "SHIMI-CHOCO CORN" etc. are carefully designed for customers to easily hold and enjoy by looking at.