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Community Services of GINBIS

Participating in "The Campaign to Give Society a Brighter Future" by the Ministry of Justice promoted by handing out the campaign leaflets.

Award ceremony for staff at rehabilitation facilities

With a slogan "Find the sweets of your dreams!," GINBIS is involved in various community services with a hope to become a company to give dreams to the society.
One of those services is Rehabilitation Protection Corporation JISEIKAI is an incorporated foundation, established in 1952 to support juvenile rehabilitation. At the time of its foundation, it focused on the operation of the reformation and rehabilitation facility.
It was founded by Sumiko Miyamoto, one of the founders of GINBIS. As she was like a real mother to facility residents, she did her best to get them back into society. As a result, some entered the Japan Self-Defense Force and some started their own business; some have become outstanding executives at the Ginbis Koga factory.
Unfortunately, the organization had to suspend its efforts due to the disappearance of the annexed workshop in 1963. It later restarted its activities as a "Protection Agency of Coordination and Promotion Service" which aimed to subsidize the rehabilitation protection service.
With the enforcement of the Rehabilitation Protection Business Law in 1996, it was accredited as a rehabilitation services organization. We continue to provide subsidies for the operation and maintenance of the rehabilitation facilities as well as related organization, and award staff at the rehabilitation facilities, as we keep the philosophy from the time of our founding.