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1930/05Established Miyamoto Seika (Miyamoto Confectionery) in Kinshicho, Sumida-ku (previously Honjo-ku), Tokyo, Japan
1933/07Established a sales office with a factory in Taiheicho in the same area. Started to manufacture and wholesale Japanese and western confectioneries.
1945/03A sales office and a factory were burned down during the war. In May of the same year, however, they were restored and a confectionery factory started operation.
1945/09Established a sales office at Ginza 1 chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. Changed the company name to "Ginza Bakery" and opened a restaurant at Ginza.
1947/10A designated factory of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry at Saruecho, Koto-ku, Tokyo, which specialized in making hardtacks and biscuits for rations, started its operation.
1948/07Became a corporation and named it as "Ginza Bakery" Co. Ltd.
1952/05The "GINBISCO" won the Honorary Grand Prize at the 12th National Confectionery Expo in Akita.
1963/07Installed the second Band Oven at the company headquarters Fukagawa factory
1963/09Increased capital to 50 million yen.
1965/04The "BUTTER SHIRUKO" won the Honorary President Award at the 16th National Confectionery Expo in Yokohama.
1968/01Established a new Koga Factory and started its operation with a band oven and manufacturing equipment from the Netherlands.
1968/10Released "ASPARAGUS BISCUITS"
1969/03Moved headquarters to its current location at Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
1974/03Established the company building (Ginbis Building) at Nihonbashi-Hamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
1974/04Changed the corporate name to GINBIS CO., LTD
1975/09"ASPARAGUS BISCUITS" won the Gold Award at the 14th Monde Selection.
1979/09"TABEKKO DOUBUTSU BUTTER POCKET" won the Gold Award at the 18th Monde Selection.
1980/09Installed an automatic control band oven equipment from Baker Perkins (UK) as well as fully automated packaging line.
1987/02Formed a technical collaboration with "Garden," the largest confectionery manufacturer in Hong Kong.
1987/09"An SABLE" (Sweet red bean Sable) won the Grand Gold award at the 26th Monde Selection.
1988/10Formed a business alliance with "Click" the largest biscuit manufacturer in Italy.
1989/04Introduced roots to packaging and transport line.
1989/07"DOUNUTS BUTTER FLAVOR", "DOUNUTS CHOCOLATE FLAVOR" and "DOUNUTS WORLD HISTORY" won the Grand Gold Award at the 28th Monde Selection.
1993/10Established the Third Koga Factory and renewed packaging equipment.
1994/06Established a local subsidiary of GINBIS in Hong Kong.
1994/08Introduced the latest model of a band oven at Koga Factory.
1998/06Established Ginbis Shantou Factory (a separate joint venture) in China and started its operation.
2001/06"SUPER BISCUITS FRENCH BUTTER FLAVOR" and "MINI TABEKKO DOUBUTS MAPLE BUTTER FLAVOR" won the Grand Gold Award at the 40th Monde Selection.
2001/09Installed the line of the first Chocolate Enrober from Nielsen (Denmark) at the Third Koga Factory.
2002/04Installed the line of the second Chocolate Enrober.
2002/06"TABEKKO DOUBUTSU CHOCO BISCUIT" won the Gold Award. "TABEKKO BABY" won the Grand Gold Award.
2003/03"TABEKKO BABY," the first product in Japan that used a slider zip bag for food.
2003/05Installed the first line of the saturated machine.
2003/06"Tompa" and "Sofoo" won Gold Awards at the 42nd Monde Selection.
2003/11"SHIMI-CHOCO CORN" and "SHIMI CHOCO BISCUITS" innovative products with the saturated technology.
2004/05Installed the second line of the second saturated machine.
2004/06"SHIMI-CHOCO CORN" and "SHIMI CHOCO BISCUITS" won Gold Awards at the 43rd Monde Selection.
2005/06"TABEKKO CHOCO BISCUITS" won the Gold Award at the 44th Monde Selection
2006/06"NON-FRIED EDAMAME SNACK" won the Gold Award at the 45th Monde Selection.
2007/06"MINI TABEKKO DOUBUTSU MAPLE BUTTER FLAVOR" won the Grand Gold Award at the 46th Monde Selection.
2008/03Koga Factory acquired ISO9001 certification.
2008/06"ASPARAGUS BISCUITS" and "TABEKKO DOUBUTSU" won the Gold Awards at the 47th Monde Selection.
2010/05Exhibited at the Japan Industry Pavilion at Shanghai Expo.
"MINI ASPARAGUS SABLE" won the Gold Award at the 49h Monde Selection.
2013/02Released "BIG BAR Z."
2013/09Released "GINZA@RUSK" and "GINZA@RUSK White"
2013/11Opened a pop-up store "GINBIS TABEKKO DOUBUTSU LAND" at "Tokyo Okashi Land" in the First Avenue Tokyo Station.
2014/06"TABEKKO DOUBUTSU BUTTER POCKET" won the gold award at the 53th Monde Selection.
2015/11Opened a pop-up store "GINBIS TABEKKO DOUBUTSU LAND" for the second time at "Tokyo Okashi Land" in the First Avenue Tokyo Station.
2015/11"TABEKKO DOUBUTSU" won the Long Seller Award at the Blockbuster Food Award by the Japan Food Journal.
2017/07Koga Factory acquired FSSC2200 certification.
(Accordingly, ISO9001 certification was cancelled.)