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By Yoshiro Miyamoto, Founder of GINBIS CO., LTD.
President & CEO, Shuji Miyamoto

GINBIS started as a small confectionery maker in Kinshicho, Tokyo, in 1930.
Since then, we have actively contributed to communities and engaged in a wide range of global activities with a spirit of independence and self-respect. In our long history, we have created a number of hit products and helped with the development of the confectionery industry.
Our drive to make sweets has continued despite the devastation caused by World War II and the dramatic waves of economic changes over time. Our core belief, "We are dreaming of sweets!," has never changed since our founding. It goes without saying that food is indispensable for people, but we believe that sweets are a symbol of a rich life that pleases, heals, and encourage people's hearts and minds.
I want to bring people dreams through sweets and to contribute to world peace through sweets. Such philosophies are the base for the management of GINBIS.
Now that the world has become more and more globalized, I want people not only in Japan, but also all around the world, to eat delicious sweets. We want to share our dream. In order to fulfill that our dream, we dedicate ourselves to making sweets.
We will continue to create and popularize high quality products that are world-class, and to commit to maintaining the management stance that is ahead of its time.